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Last night Nightwish performed the last show of their 2-year-long Dark Passion Play tour. I was there. Hartwall Areena was sold out (11 000 - 12 000 people), and the band had an excellent show with special guests Troy Donockley and Pekka Kuusisto. Just before singing The Islander Marco asked us to light our cell phones (or, you know, actual lighters), and then the whole arena was an amazing sea of lights - or like a sky full of stars. They continued with Walking in the Air and... wow! It was really beautiful.
Here's a short clip of the song and the lights:

A short clip of the lights (The Islander):

Setlist: Finlandia with Troy, 7 Days to the Wolves, Ever Dream, Wishmaster, Romanticide, Amaranth, The Siren with Pekka, While Your Lips Are Still Red w/Pekka, The Poet and the Pendulum, TPatP part 2, Nemo, Sahara, Dark Chest of Wonders, The Islander, Walking in the Air w/Troy, Last of the Wilds w/Troy, Meadows of Heaven w/Troy, Ghost Love Score, Marco & Anette + waves, Wish I Had an Angel + pyros, outro (The Heart Asks Pleasure First).


Oh, and Apocalyptica played there too. (Actually, that's why I decided to buy a ticket to this concert in the first place.)
This time their guest vocalist was Stam1na's Antti "Hyrde" Hyyrynen.
I'm Not Jesus:
I Don't Care:
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I've been meaning to post this for a month now... Better late than never, eh?
In the beginning of June I was at the Sauna Open Air metal festival. Why? Because my favourite cello rockers were playing there on Friday [BTW, if anyone is interested, Apocalyptica's recent gig at Ilosaarirock is available at Yle Areena for 30 days:] and on Sunday I wanted to see Nightwish and Stratovarius. This year's Sauna wasn't very sauna-like. It was quite cold on Friday (+7°C, cloudy, occasional showers), but it wasn't too bad - it was just a matter of dressing according to weather. Still, I was glad it was warmer on Sunday (+16°C and sunny). On Friday I was there with a colleague of mine, and on Sunday I went just by myself. Saturday was the festival's biggest day (10 000 visitors) because Mötley Crüe was headlining then, but I wasn't there - I was at the Finnish bookcrossers' summer meet-up in Nauvo.

Some pictures and a bunch of MySpace and YouTube links (clips of varying quality) under the cut.

Friday, 5.6.2009 )

Sunday, 7.6.2009 )

Next stop: Ankkarock in August.
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Apocalyptica feat. Tony Kakko: I Don't Care


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