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After the natural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the man-made horror of the explosion at the vampire summit, Sookie Stackhouse is safe but dazed, yearning for things to get back to normal. But her boyfriend, Quinn, is among the missing. And things are changing, whether the Weres and vamps in her corner of Louisiana like it or not. In the ensuing battles, Sookie faces danger, death...and, once more, betrayal by someone she loves. And when the fur has finished flying and the cold blood has ceased flowing, her world will be forever altered...

Once again Sookie finds herself in the middle of vampire (and Were) politics and power struggles. I thought it was a good thing the plot didn't focus just on finding Quinn - Sookie was worried about him, yes, but the book took place in Bon Temps and Sookie didn't have to travel anywhere. (Well, for the most part.) It was interesting to find out more about Sookie's new relatives, but on the other hand... Is everybody in Bon Temps some sort of supernatural creature soon? I hope not.
In this book a certain someone recovers from his amnesia. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

No proper journal entries for these (yet)...
60. David Stuart Davies: Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett As Sherlock Holmes (bookring)

61. Stephenie Meyer: Twilight

62. Iain Banks: The Bridge

Is that all? 62?

Oh well, this year a lot of my free time has gone into watching music videos on Youtube and reading band interviews and fan forum discussions. ;-) And I think I've seen more gigs this year than in the previous two years combined! (Although that doesn't take much...) The last gig of the year I saw was Amorphis here in Tampere on the 18th of this month.
Here we go... Skyforger
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Permanent collection.

A narrator remembers his childhood encounters with an old osteopath who claims to have treated Al Capone. Gradually, the England of the 1960s and the Chicago of the 1920s begin to merge into a beautifully drawn and hauntingly written tale of memory and evil.

What can I say? Ever since I read The Sandman for the first time, I've been a fan of these two. This book was no exception. I liked it - the blues, greys and browns of Dave McKeans illustrations, and of course also the way the stories and memories were merged.

"Gangsters wore hats and drove big cars.
Gansters had tommy guns, which they kept in violent cases.
Gangsters used to have fights with the police.
All these things I knew by the time we got home to my grandparents' house."
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Permanent collection.
Wizard Harry Dresden's life finally seems to be calming down. The White Council's war with the vampiric Red Court is easing up, no one's tried to kill him lately, and his eager apprentice is starting to learn real magic. For once, the future looks fairly bright. But the past casts one hell of a long shadow... Mab, monarch of the Winter Court of the Sidhe, calls in an old favor from Harry. Just one small favor he can't refuse - one that will trap Harry Dresden between a nightmarish foe and an equally deadly ally and strain his skills and loyalties to their very limits. And everything was going so well for once...

Once again Harry fights fearsome foes and saves the day with a little help from his friends. I read Small Favor in March or in April - which means I don't remember much about it anymore. It was entertaining enough, I guess.
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'Sadly, death at the races is not uncommon. However, three in a single afternoon was sufficiently unusual to raise more than an eyebrow.'
It's the third death on Cheltenham Gold Cup day that really troubles super-sleuth Sid Halley. Former champion jockey Halley knows the perils of recing all too well - but in his day jockeys didn't usually reach the finishing line with three .38 rounds in the chest. But this is precisely how he finds jockey Huw Walker - who, only a few hours earlier, had won the coveted Triumph Hurdle.
Halley's quest for answers draws him ever deeper into the darker side of the race game, in a life-or-death power play that will push him to his very limits - both professionally and personally.

It took me several days to read this book, because the story didn't grab me at all. Why did I finish it then? Probably only because I've liked Francis's books in the past and wanted to see if this one would get better at some point. Sadly, it didn't.
I have to agree with these readers:


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