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Music for the day. Yesterday me & my mother went to see an opera at the movie theatre. They've been showing 'The Met: Live in HD' operas for two(?) years now, but this was the first time I actually went to see one. (I've seen only one "real" opera at Tampere Hall years ago. And the one time I went to the National Opera in Helsinki, it was to see a ballet, not an opera. But I do like watching operas on tv.) Yesterday's opera was Hamlet by Ambroise Thomas. Beautiful music, wonderful voices and fine acting, if you ask me. (Not that I know anything about opera...)

Hamlet - Simon Keenlyside
Ophelia - Marlis Petersen
Gertrude - Jennifer Larmore
Laertes - Toby Spence
Claudius - James Morris

Here you can see Natalie Dessay (Ophelia) and Simon Keenlyside (Hamlet) in 2003/2004. Natalie Dessay was supposed to sing also in the Met's production, but she had to withdraw due to illness and Marlis Petersen replaced her.

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Culture Vulture: The MET at the Mall
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Taken from forthcoming album "Äio", out through Spinefarm Records March 2010.
Camera and montage: Villem Tarvas.
Sequences from the animation "Suur Tõll" (Tallinfilm 1980, based on an Estonian heroic folk tale).
Director and scriptwriter: Rein Raamat.
Main artist: Jüri Arrak.
Layout artists: Heiki Ernits, Valter Uusberg ja Ain Silbaum.
Camera: Janno Põldma

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Music for the day. Metsatöll and Eesti rahvusmeeskoor performing Oma laulu ei leia ma üles

I think this is the original Oma laulu ei leia ma üles:
(Or the song might be older than that... but I don't know.)

Metsatöll pic - Dante's Highlight in Helsinki 17.12.2009 )
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Oulu All Star Big Band feat. J. Ahola performing Deep Purple's Burn.

And the original:

Also... Manowar? Jazz waltz?
Easy Livin':
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Kiusaanpa teitä taas YouTuben musiikkivideolla, kun en ole mitään saanut luettua.
Tässä CCR:ää Children of Bodomin kohtapuoliin julkaistavalta cover-levyltä Skeletons in the Closet. (Tai on tämä kappale jo jonkin levyn/sinkun bonusraitanakin julkaistu aiemmin.)

Kas kun eivät tehneet promovideota Britney-coveristaan: :-D

Edit. Enpä sitten tajunnut heti, että ovat "coveroineet" videonkin.
Tässä CCR:n video:


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